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Special Worship Services


Our beautiful building is available for weddings, children’s rite of passages (baby & child baptism or dedications), funeral & celebration of life services, and receptions.

St. Paul’s Ministerial, offers their services to help coordinate and officiate at these special church services.   Both members of St. Paul’s as well as those of the greater Palmer communities are welcome to explore the many options of having their Special Life Event at the church.


Wedding services are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love of two individuals who have chosen to come together in marriage.

Because of our strong respect for each person's beliefs and values, each wedding is custom-crafted with a couple to reflect their personalities and relationship. This respect and our flexibility enable Unitarian Universalist ministers to be skilled officiants for interfaith weddings, atheist weddings, and weddings for those with Unitarian Universalism's diverse beliefs.

In addition to blessing heterosexual unions, Unitarian Universalist congregations and ministers joyfully bless same-sex marriages. Unitarian Universalists affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all people and have a long history of promoting equal rights of LGBTQ people.


Services to honor loved ones who have passed on are often very personal occasions. At the First Unitarian Church, these services are developed by the family of the deceased and our minister to specially honor the memory of that individual. The service might include the following elements:


  • A time to remember the deceased with a story or anecdote

  • Hymn singing or other music

  • A time for personal reflection



We offer child dedication ceremonies for infants, young, adopted children, or young children of families from the congregation or from the community.

Child dedication ceremonies are usually crafted by the parents and the minister working closely together. Many will include the following elements:

  • A blessing for the new life of the child

  • An expression of the parent(s’) or caregivers’ hopes for the child

  • A promise by the congregation to support and nurture the child in their spiritual life

  • If not members of the church, a promise by family and friends to support and nurture the child in their spiritual life



During our meetings and communications before the special service, we come to know one another, and learn the unique things you share, as well as various options for the content and music of the celebration itself.


Our lovely Parish House is also available if you choose to hold your reception with us. Please call for an appointment and you can see the whole building for yourself.



Please contact Rev. Steven Sousa, or office administrator Joanne Baldrige at the church office.


 Rev. Steven Sousa:     E-mail      413 886-2668


Joanne Baldridge:     E-mail      413 283-8185

                                 (this information is adapted from the UUA Website)


Memorial Services

 Child Dedications

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