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Our Spiritual Life

"The Spiritual Quest"

There are many wonderful benefits to being a part of a church.  If you are lonely, you may find a place of friendship.  If you need spiritual or emotional healing, God’s love through caring people and worship may be just the thing.  Perhaps you are recovering from broken relationships, church may be a significant way to begin anew.

If you would like spirituality to be a greater part of your experience, there are few better places to ‘seek and find’.  Here at St. Paul’s Church, we offer you a safe spot in the world, a sanctuary, a place to be enriched and a place to contribute the gifts, uniqueness and person that you are!

Our Beliefs

What Does St. Paul’s Unitarian Universalist Church Believe?

We welcome you for who and what you are. Our family, like your family, includes people of many religious backgrounds and beliefs.”

Sources of
Our Living Tradition

Our “living tradition” of wisdom and spirituality is drawn from sources as diverse as science, poetry, scripture, and personal experience. These Six Sources our congregation affirms and promotes.

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Unitarian Universalism at St. Paul’s

What it means to our congregation to be Unitarian Universalist?

Our Covenant

As Unitarian Universalists at St. Paul's, though having no shared creed, we do share a covenant.  Our covenant joins our congregation together in love.  This blessed agreement of vision and purpose, unique to us as a church, is expressed each time we come together in worship.

We covenant to walk together: 


In LOVE, by nurturing one another’s spiritual growth and full humanity.

In RESPECT, by honoring one another’s beliefs and intentions, listening without judgement, listening to understand.

In COMPASSION, by being there for one another, in times of joy and sorrow alike.

In HUMOR, by learning to laugh together, have fun together, and joyously celebrating our faith community.

Thus do we covenant with one another in faith and in love!


Our Worship Service

Worship at St. Paul’s Church is a wonderful co-mingling of the traditional the contemporary and the spontaneous. Worship services are held each Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.  This is our time to seek the Divine presence of God while enjoying the companionship of one another. It is an opportunity to leave behind the cares of everyday life and be refreshed. Music and prayer, sharing with one another and silent reflection, sermons that reach deep into our hearts, are the vehicles that may carry us to places of joy, grace, love and peace, within ourselves and with another.


Our Sunday service begins with a call to worship, music and the lighting of St. Paul’s Chalice. We express our hearts towards each other in the sharing of our Covenant. A most blessed time occurs when people come forward to light candles of prayer and hope, candles of praise and concern. The Lord’s Prayer then precedes Sunday morning's sermon: messages of encouragement, faith, spirituality, of grace. Meditations and prayer, and of course more music and song lead us to worship’s close.


Inspired, edified and challenged, we join together next door at the Fellowship Hall for the finest that friendship,

good food and drink have to offer!

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