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First Visit - What To Expect

What to Expect

What to expect while visiting St. Paul’s of Palmer

     >  We don’t have a parking lot!  But parking is not a problem 😊, there is plenty of parking on the side streets that surround the church, as a matter of fact the whole block is entirely made of the St. Paul’s church campus. 


     >  Sunday Morning Worship at St. Paul’s Moves .   Our services during the winter months move to our fellowship hall next door. We save a bit on heating costs…  and gain a bit in warm fellowship!


      >  Enter by the Central Way.  The church, fellowship hall and offices entrances are all located on Central Street. 


      >  Come on in and Take a Seat!  Sit anywhere you may like..  the front, the rear or anywhere in between.   There is a Place for you here! And you will be warmly received.


     >  Spontaneous Tradition at its Best.  The order of our worship service may have a traditional old New England flavor, but don’t be fooled; embedded throughout is spontaneity, humor,  meditative mindfulness, pearls of wisdom and waves of empathy.  Observe, or just dive right in, whatever feels right for you!


      >  Spirituality with Reality is Really Spiritual! Whether in song or sermon, whether fellowship or stillness, our message is to seek the greater graces and deeper meanings of being alive and communing with the divine.


     >  May your growing children grow along with us.  Be sure to bring your young one along in your visit.   St. Paul’s has always had a special place for the young; our children’s programs here are happily created according to the ones who are here.  Perhaps on your first visit your child may be most comfortable with you in the pew!


      >  An Hour is Short Long Time That Passes Quickly😊  An hour at church may seem an eternity or as an eyes twinkling… but I promise it will pass, and you may just be surprised by joy…. And if not, don’t despair for there is always the end of the tunnel where, the…


      >  Food Awaits!  What would a good ol’ old fashioned church service be without brownies and coffee, juice and cake?  Food and friendly fellowship in plenty greats us, at our worship’s close, next door at  St. Paul’s Fellowship House.

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